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  • Maa Baglamukhi Path : 1.25 lakh Mantras

Maa Baglamukhi Path 125 lakh Mantras

Maa Durga has many forms. One of them is Maa Baglamukhi. Maa is also called Peetambri. One can get rid of any problem by reciting Maa  Baglamukhi Mantras for 1.25 lakh times and follow up Pujan. 

It is said that even Lord Rama conducted this Pujan to get victory over Ravana.  Before going to fight, Ravana’s powerful son Meghnath wanted to perform this yagna. When Lord Ram came to know of it, it was decided to disrupt  his yagna as Lord thought if Meghnath is able to complete this yagna, it will become impossible to defeat him. Such powerful is Maa. 

Why Maa Baglamukhi Puja is special:
Many impossible works are done by pleasing Maa Baglamukhi.
1-You can get your opponents silent through this path
2- You can win a legal suit. 
3-You can get through an interview. 
4-You can win an election. 
5-You can get name and fame. 
6- If someone is jailed for wrong reasons, Maa’s Puja can get you out of prison. 
7-Even problems of visa and green card can be solved through this.
And What Not, everything is possible. 

How the Puja is done: 
Puja will be done with Vedic Padhati ie Vedic system.
Step-wise details are given below: 
Step 1-Swastivachan----First of all Mangaal Gaan i.e. Mantras in praise of Maa Baglamukhi are recited. 
Step 2-Pooranik Manglacharan----Vandana is done for all major Gods i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. 
Step 3-Sankalp------Here, it is explained about jajmaan i.e. the person who is getting the yagna done. Also is explained the purpose of yagna. 
Step 4-Ganesh Pujan-----Ganesh ji is invited to the yagna. Ganesh ji is deveta who allows yagna to be performed without hindrance. 
Step 5-Kalash Pujan--------Kalash Pujan is important and essential part of every yagna. 
Step 6--Shodash Matrika Pujan-----Shodash means sixteen. Sixteen Devis are invited into the yagna. This devis have special importance in the  performance of yagna. 
Step 7: Puniha Aavchan -----Here prayer is done for the jajmaan i.e. the person on whose behalf yagna is being performed. 
Step 8: Navgraha Pujan----All the nine planets are invited to be part of yagna and bless the jajmaan.
Step 9: Ksherpaal Pujan----Hindus consider 10 directions. Puja is being performed for their heads so that yagna is not disturbed from any direction. 
Step 10: Devi Yantra Pujan---- It is an invitation to Maa Baglamukhi to be part of the yagna. 
Step 11: Yagna starts----Yagna starts from here. Paath of Maa Baglamukhi is recited for 1.25 lakh times. 
Step 12: Havan----In the last phase of yagna, Havan is done with the same Mantra. 
Step 13: Aarti----Aarti of Lord is done. 
Step 14: Tarpan Margan----It is part of the yagna. 
Step 15: Brahmin Bhoj----All the Brahmins who have participated in the yagna on behalf of yagmaan are respected. They are given thanks and food is  served to them with Dakshina i.e.money for their efforts and time. 
Step 16: Prasada is sent to you. 
Step 17: A yantra is specially made for you. You can keep it at your Puja place/Mandir and worship it. It will keep on helping you. It will be sent to you  along with Prasada. 

Video Facility: You will be sent video and pics according to your convenience. It could be short vides over whatsapp or longer version uploaded on  youtube. Pics will be sent over whatsapp. You can also give your suggestions for what is convenient to you.
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